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The room is large and sprawling with books and toys multiplied in size left scattered throughout the expanse of dark wooden flooring. Pale curtains and large gaping windows let light into the room to reflect the furniture and other details of the room. At the center is a large table, long and draped with a fine cloth and surrounded by stacks of the junk that seems to be a theme of the room.

Off to one side of the room rests various items - a cake tray topped with a mountain of pastries, a rubber sword and shield, a disposable camera, and an open box with a diamond ring. The sword and shield could easily pass as useable weapons for defense in this situation, were they not obviously made to be ineffectual and unable to cause real damage. The cakes gave off a light warmth and seemed edible enough while the camera was plastic and without film. Of the trinkets, the ring seemed to be the most intricate, a crescent moon carved in the center of the diamond that was set within the piece of jewelry. The band itself was silver with no other remarkable features. Off from the rest sits a strange looking creature that resembled a fox. The creature had light blue fur, a red jewel resting in the center of his forehead, and he was currently watching expectantly for any visitors who might appear.

Noctis himself, was nowhere to be found, but that didn't seem to bother the animal that guarded the place in his stead. Beneath the table and in the surrounding areas of the room were more toys, books, and various trinkets along with a black toy car.

Still, there is a choice one can make - those curious what these items could have to do with the room were free to touch them or explore the room itself to find out what they could. However, stray too far and one might find themselves right at the beginning, Carbuncle waiting for them.
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Name/Handle: Teru
Contact: [ profile] wishuponthenightskies
Reference: I GO HERE
Other characters: Maggie Greene-Rhee, Leliana

Character name: Noctis Lucis Caelum
Character journal: [personal profile] runawayprince
Series name: Final Fantasy XV
Canon notes: OU

Species: Human

History:Wiki Entry

On the surface Noctis seems exactly like your average twenty-something with no goals in life. He loves to sleep, play video games, and just generally be lazy on occasion by hunkering down in front of a good patch of lake with a fishing rod. Yet his circumstances in life shaped him to be who he is. From a young age Noctis seems aloof and pretends to be unaware that his actions can affect others. This is shown in Brotherhood when he saves Iris, Gladio's sister, as a child and takes the blame for the two of them becoming lost when it was her fault instead. He took the blame so that she would not be punished because he knew his punishment would be less severe, even if it was still a punishment.

Noctis, while at times lazy and whiny, is a person who cares deeply for those he loves. Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis are his brothers in arms as much as they are his friends. Their job may be to keep him safe but in reality his is to keep them safe in return. Lunafreya and he were also close as children and remained so into adulthood. While their arranged marriage was out of a false attempt at peace between the Empire of Nifelheim and the Lucian Kingdom the feelings the two felt for one another were real enough. Her death serves as another catalyst in Noct's struggle to avoid his duty and to take his place as the King he was meant to be.

His aloof nature can often rear it's ugly head when he is confronted with real issues as he tends to shut down - specifically when Lunafreya is killed and again before that when his father, King Regis is killed. In reality, while it may seem he does not care and has shut off his emotions and shut down, he cares so deeply it is enough to break him into millions of pieces. Yet his inaction is unbefitting of a King. It does nothing but make others around him frustrated with him, like Gladio.

The weight of becoming a King, coupled with grief over the losses Noctis suffers throughout the game, is so great that Noctis channels it into anger towards Ardyn, the source of all this grief he carries. It causes him to be reckless and impulsive, not stopping to analyze a situation in front of him until it is too late. Even so, Noctis' true heart is large and warm and loving. He accepts Prompto despite his origins and he and Gladio easily repair their friendship despite the fact that they are at odds with one another for a short while after Lunafreya's death.

It is this pure heart of his that makes him fit to be a king. Noctis is kind and gentle not just with people, but animals as well (not daemon's though because those things are nasty). He can be sweet and funny and make jokes and puns with the best of them. He is a picky eater and a bit shy and flusters easily when it comes to intimacy or talks about his relationship with Lunafreya. It is this pure heart of his that makes him fit to be King, but it is - more to the point - his resolve that makes him King. Being fit to be King is all fine and good if he is unable to act as one, as he comes to learn. He truly grows to be the hero of his own story.

As the heir to the Lucian Kings, Noctis wields their power in the form of the thirteen Royal Arms that he can call upon at any time. Noctis can warp short distances and collect elemental energy around him to craft spells that he can also share with others. Among his arsenal is the Ring of the Lucii that harnesses the power of the Crystal itself, in exchange for his life force, to combat the daemons. Noctis also has the ability to call upon the aid of four of the six astrals - Titan, Ramuh, Leviathan and Shiva - via a covenant forged between himself and them, thanks to Lunafreya's efforts. (Bahamut comes after his current canon point and Ifrit is a dick and didn't want to be his buddy :'( )
Augment Skillset: Tactical
Sample: Test drive also Thread with Ardyn on his own test drive


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